Recent changes in the law have altered the process for obtaining a License to Carry or a Firearms Identification Card in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Review the information below to become familiar with the process. If you have any questions, please call the Norton Police Department at 285-3300.

Applicants must be 21 years old to obtain a License to Carry (Class A or Class B). Applicants must be 18 years old to obtain a Firearms Identification Card. Applicants that are 15-18 years old may obtain an FID with written consent from their parent or legal guardian.

First time applicants must attend and successfully complete a certified Basic Firearms Safety Course by an instructor approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Applicant must be trained in the category of license that they will apply for and the instructor must note the category on the certificate.

License to Carry Firearms & Firearms Identification Card

Application/Renewal Procedure


  1. Completed application form typed or printed legibly.


    2. Letter from applicant to Chief of Police explaining the reason for requesting said License to Carry Firearms/Firearms Identification Card. No letter is needed for renewal applicants.


   3. Two (2) reference letters from non-relatives with address and telephone number included. No letters are needed for renewal applicants.


    4. Copy of Massachusetts Firearms Safety Certificate or Massachusetts Hunter Safety Course Certificate. If previously licensed on June 1, 1998, no certificate is required. No certificate is required for renewal applicants or chemical propellant FID.


   5. $100.00 non-refundable check or money order payable to the Town of Norton, for a LTC or FID. A chemical propellant only permit is $25.00.  Renewal of chemical propellant permit is free.  There is no renewal fee for persons over age 70 for any type of license.


To arrange an appointment to process your completed application, please choose a time-slot in the register at the front desk of the Norton police station.  You will bring your completed application with you at that requested time of appointment. No drop off or mailed applications will be accepted.


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