Fire-Rescue Department

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Our Mission

The mission of the Norton Fire-Rescue Department is to protect lives and property by providing exceptional customer service and the highest quality fire suppression, emergency medical care, rescue, fire prevention, and public education services to our community. We are committed to continuous improvement and providing our services in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.

New Burning Portal for 2024 Burning Permits

Norton Fire has a new burning permit portal -
You must have a valid permit to burn.

Residents can apply for a burn permit today by creating an account via the department’s new burn permit portal:

Once registered, you can apply for your burn permit online by clicking “Get a Permit.”
Residents will receive an email notifying them the permit is approved. 

Once registered,

provide residents and visitors with a prompt response by a well-trained workforce to protect property, save lives, conserve resources, and improve quality of life through professional fire prevention and suppression, emergency medical care, special rescue, and public education services. The department will achieve this mission through education, training, and a commitment to excellence.residents can sign up to burn between 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. 

If conditions are unsafe for burning, such as high winds or drought, a notification will be posted on the homepage.

Individuals without computer access should call the Norton Fire Department at 508-285-0248 for assistance with their burning permit application.




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