Veterans' Services


Advocate for Norton veterans, dependents and widows; providing access to every federal, state and local service & benefit to which they are entitled.


  • Assist eligible veterans in applying for state wartime bonuses and annuities.
  • Guide and assist veterans with disability claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • ​Administer Massachusetts General Law Chapter 115 financial assistance and emergency financial aid to eligible veterans, dependents and widows.
  • Provide veterans access and referral to education, training and employment services.
  • Help veterans with service record concerns.
  • Provide direct service to veterans by answering questions and recommending resources.
  • Counsel veterans and provide referrals to other professional services as necessary. Additionally, Veteran Services will facilitate a veteran mutual support group.


If you would like to support our local veterans please contact our office @ 508-285-0274.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Estelle Flett Veteran's Agent 508-285-0274