Charter Commission

The Norton Charter Commission was formed on April 24, 2019, at Town election by a nearly 4:1 margin amongst 1,840 voters.

The Charter Commission operates pursuant to MGL Chapter 43B. It will spend 18 months gathering information, conducting surveys, meeting with the public, researching and analyzing different charters and forms of government from towns around the Commonwealth and, if deemed appropriate by the Commissioners, on April 27, 2021, propose to the voters of the Town changes to Norton’s current charter. 

The Charter establishes and defines the structure of the government of our Town. By the process allowed under Section 20 of MGL Chapter 43B, the commission may:

  • create, divide or consolidate departments,
  • distribute powers, duties, and responsibilities among local offices, and
  • establish and define procedures to be followed.

Please refer to the links in the top left section of this page to see an overview of the major milestones of the Commission.

The Commission is required to hold periodic public hearings at various points in the process. Notifications of required public hearings will be posted on the Town’s website, in The Sun Chronicle, on the Community Pages of Norton Media Center and on Norton Alerts.

Stay Informed
All residents, officials (whether appointed or elected), and town employees are welcome and encouraged to provide input throughout our process. All Charter Commission meetings are open to the public, and time is allocated in every meeting for public comment.

If you can’t attend in person, all Charter Commission meetings are taped and posted on the Norton Media Center for viewing at any time. And all approved meeting minutes will be posted on this page for viewing.


Update: As of December 9, 2019, we have closed our survey. We thank everyone who took the time to respond. If you missed the opportunity but would still like to provide feedback, you can contact the Charter Commission at

We are wrapping up our meetings with town boards, commissions, and committees through the end of December and will soon begin analyzing all feedback received and initiate discussions on how to best address the needs of the Town going forward. Please refer to our agendas posted on this page for specific topics to be discussed and/or votes to be taken.


Commission Members



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