Capital Improvements Committee

The Capital Improvements Committee shall be established annually and shall undertake review and recommendation with respect to departmental requests for capital items and capital improvements to be undertaken during the next ensuing five years.

A "capital item" or "capital improvement" shall include any item or project which exceeds $10,000 and constitutes a "nonrecurring expense," which is defined as an expense other than personnel or salary costs or other expenses ordinarily funded as part of the annual operating budget process. In this regard, police, fire, and highway equipment which is replaced annually shall not be considered capital items. However, equipment replacements made less frequently, or for the first time, shall be considered capital items, provided that such items each cost in excess of $10,000.

There is hereby established as a separate account in the treasury a Capital Improvements Fund. Monies may be appropriated into the Capital Improvements Fund by a majority vote of any Town Meeting and said monies shall be kept segregated from other funds. The Capital Improvements Fund may be appropriated at any Town Meeting by a two-thirds vote for any purpose for which the Town would be authorized to borrow money under MGL c. 44, §§ 7 and 8.

Sheri Cohen

School Committee Member

Julie Oakley

Planning Board Member

Bradford K. Bramwell

Select Board Member

Peter Carignan

Finance Committee Member

Michael D. Yunits

Town Manager