Online Permitting

Welcome to the Town of Norton’s electronic Permit Management System. This system allows you to apply online for permits, view sign-offs and enables a process review for numerous online permit submittals.Currently, we have the Town’s Building and Board of Health's Departments permit applications online.

The Building Department issues building (residential and commercial), electrical, mechanical, gas and plumbing permits. It also issues certificates of occupancy, and certificate of inspection. More permits and licenses will be added in the future.

Depending on Permit type you must set up an account to use the system; the process takes less than five minutes.  If you do not have access to a computer, there are numerous public computers at the Town Hall.  Please follow the instructions carefully to set up and use your account.

Once you have filled out a permit or license application and submitted it electronically it is only in a preliminary stage.

Each permit may require multiple Town Department sign offs. The Building Department will send the permit application to the appropriate departments. Permits are not considered officially submitted to the building department until all sign-offs have been approved. You may follow your permit review process on-line by signing into your account. 

As of 5 February 2019, pay on-line is now active. 

Click Below to enter into the online permitting system.