Norton Cultural Council

The Norton Cultural Council (NCC) is a volunteer organization geared towards bringing arts, humanities, and science-based programs into the community. Partnering with the Mass Cultural Council, the Norton Cultural Council publicizes the yearly grant opportunity to artists, teachers, and the general public; reviews applicant submissions; and awards state provided grant monies.

The Council strives to maximize benefits for all Norton citizens by providing support for a diverse range of cultural programs that serve our variety of populations. As part of our promotions for the town, the Council programming may intersect with broader community themes, initiatives, or events as they arise in a given year.

The Council is always looking for additional members. No experience necessary. Strong organizational skills paired with a passion for the arts is a plus. Submit a letter of interest to the Board of Selectman's Office Town Hall, or send it to

Norton Cultural Council typically meets once a month in the Town Hall Municipal Center at 7:00 PM. Our meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to attend.

Let us hear from you!  Take our survey on cultural programming you’d like to see in Norton: 
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Norton Cultural Council (NCC) is a subsidiary of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which allocates grant money to the Town determined by the state's local aid formula based on property values and on population.

To learn more, visit the Mass Cultural Council website.




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