Motor Vehicle Crashes

I was involved in a crash. Do I have to report it?
Any crash where damage to property is over $1000, where there were injuries sustained or the driver of one of the vehicle left the scene MUST be reported to the police. Even if you were involved in a "fender bender", please stop and speak with the other driver and exchange name, address, phone numbers and license/registration information.

If I have been involved in a crash described above, what should I do now?
Call yourself, or have someone else call the police to the scene. Let them know where the accident took place, if anyone is injured and how many cars are involved. If it is safe to do so, move the vehicles out of the roadway. Collect your driver's license and vehicle registration and have them available for the responding officers. Avoid arguments with the other driver about who caused the collision. The responding officers will ask you questions about the crash and the possible causes.

Do I have to complete a crash report?
If your crash is one of the three types described above, YES you must complete the crash report. You may also pick up a copy of this report at the front desk of the police station.   Three copies of the report must be completed. One copy will be returned to the police station, one copy submitted to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and one copy may be required by your insurance company.

When does the crash report have to be finished?
Massachusetts law states that an operator's crashreport must be completed and returned to the police department that investigated the incident, within five (5) business days.

Where can I obtain copies of Crash reports?

You or your insurance company may go to to recieve copies of the police departments crash reports.