Snow & Ice

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Vehicles Parked in the StreetVehicles that are parked in the street and are interfering with snow removal operations will be towed at the owners'expense.

Mailboxes and Other Objects in the Road
During snow removal operations, some mailboxes, fences, basketball hoops, and other objects in the road layout are damaged. Most of the damage is caused by the weight of the snow thrown from the plows and hitting the objects.

It is uncommon for a plow to physically strike an object, but does happen occasionally.

The Town of Norton Highway Department is not responsible for any damage to objects located in the road layout that occurs during snow removal operations.  Residents are also reminded not to place rubbish barrels or bags by the roadway or sidewalk until after snow removal operations are completed.  This department will not be responsible for damage or cleanup of rubbish left in the road or sidewalk during snow removal operations. 
Who should I call if my mailbox is knocked over by snow?