Board of Health

West Nile Virus Hotline - 866-627-7968

The goal of the Board of Health is to protect and enhance the health of the community by enforcement of state and local public health and environmental regulations. To fulfill this objective the Board of Health develops and implements policy through local and state health regulations.  Some of the areas overseen by Board of Health regulatory control include the review and approval of all septic design plans and installations; inspections and permitting of all restaurants and other food service operations; responding to emergencies, tobacco compliance checks, complaints regarding unsanitary housing; inspections of camps, swimming pools and tanning salons.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Christian A. Zahner IV Health Agent (508) 285-0262
Phyllis Drayton Asst. Health Agent (508) 285-0259
Donna Palmer, RN Public Health Nurse (508) 285-0258
Peggy Tavares Administrative Secretary (508) 285-0263

Board Members

Name TitlePhone

Steven H. Corr, P.E.



Diane Battistello

Vice Chairman


Robert B. Medeiros