How Much is My Water Worth?

You currently pay $130 per year or $32.50 per quarter to have water available to you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That means that there is always somebody working at the Water Department, every day no matter what. If you do the math, your price of having available drinking water is 35 cents per day or just over a penny per hour. Also consider what you pay for bottled water; at the very least it’s $0.99/gallon, that’s $990.00/1000 gallons. Even at our highest rate you will only be paying $6.22/1000 gallons and that’s delivered. What do you pay for other utility services delivered to your house?

This is a small price to pay when you consider all that it takes to get the water to your home or business. For example the Water Department operates and maintains 5 wells and 2 booster pumps stations all with electric motors. The Department pays for the electricity to run these motors. The electricityfor a year costs the Department $135,000. This is about $370 per day for the electricity alone to run the system. This does not include the personnel, maintenance, chemicals, water testing, training, vehicles, tools, engineering, telephone, or heat required to operate these pump stations and keep them pumping water to you.

The Department is not in business to make a profit - we are here to provide you with continuously monitored safe drinking water. Additional fees charged for various permits or services help create a surplus. This money is put into a surplus account for improvements to the system. In the past this money has been used  to fund the engineering and construction of a new well, the rehabilitation of three existing wells and several thousand feet of water main upgrades done both in house and contracted out, as well as purchasing new equipment including a backhoe.  Money has also been designated to construct a new Water Department Office/Garage complex, if you’ve visited us at our current location in the DPW Building, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s time to move on. These projects funded by surplus money instead of bond issues have saved you the rate payer tens of thousands of dollars in costs and interest. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and hard working staff continues to strive to meet the concerns and needs of our customers.  Please have faith in us and thank you for the continued support. Your $32.50 Quarterly fee is NOT for NOTHING.