Retiree Benefits

Retirees of the Town of Norton and the Norton School Department are eligible to continue their health insurance coverage through the Town.  To enroll in a plan, there must be a qualifying event or open enrollment period.  Open enrollment is typically during the month of May and coverage begins on July 1st, or for those over 65 open enrollment is between October 15th and November 15th for one of the Medicare supplemental plans.

Annual Creditable coverage letter click here
If you retire before age 65, you are eligible for the same plans as the Town's active employees.  The Town offers Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts HMO and PPO plans.  Click on each of the plans below to see a Summary of Benefits and Coverage for each choice:
HMO Plan:Network Blue New England Deductible Plan         Welcome Package for HMO
PPO Plan: Blue Care Elect Deductible Plan                            Welcome Package for PPO
Effective 7/1/2016 the Town of Norton will be reimbursing certain deductibles and co-pays for the non 65 plans through and HRA (Heath Reimbursement Plan)  Below is more info and a claim form:
        Fiscal 2019 HRA for 7/1/2018 - 6/30/2019                          HRA plan information      HRA claim form
If you/spouse are on one of the plans above and you/spouse turn age 65, you will be required to provide evidence of Medicare eligibility.  If you are eligible for Medicare A & B, it becomes your primary coverage and the Town offers 2 supplemental plans which cover many costs above and beyond what Medicare pays.  To see a Summary of Benefits for each of the Medicare supplement plans click on the choices below:
Note:  The supplemental plans offered by the Town also include a Medicare Part D prescription plan known as  Blue Medicare RX

Dental Insurance
The Town of Norton provides some dental coverage to retirees. The plans are available through 2 companies, Altus and DMS.  

These plans are only available to retirees who had coverage as an active employee and then chose to continue the coverage during retirement.  

The DMS Network plan is an HMO type plan with a list of dentists that can be utilized.   

403b Account Administration
Please note that if you retired from the Norton School Department and you contributed to a 403b account, you must go through the Town's 3rd party administrator for all transactions (ie. withdrawals, rollovers, etc.)  The Town's 3rd party administrator for TSA Consulting Group.  TSA can be reached by phone at (888) 796-3786.  To go to the TSA website click here.