Norton Alerts Notification System is now available for sign ups.

The Town of Norton is pleased to announce the activation of our Norton Alerts Notification System. Norton Alerts allows you to determine how and about what you wish to be notified. We reccomend that every Resident sign up for EMERGENCY ALERTS and GENERAL ALERTS. In addition,you may opt in to receive notifications from Town Departments, Commissions and Committees. You can be notified in various ways and on different devices based on your selected options. You may choose Text , Voice, Emails and Social Media. It would be advantageous for those who were medically dependant on Electricity or had Special Needs to go to a Shelter,to fill out the Medical questions appropriate for their needs. While not guaranteeing a special response, it will certainly help for awareness and planning purposes. Especially helpful would be the sections on Medical Therapies, Mobility Devices and Sensory Impairment.

If you have any questions or concerns , please email;

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