5-13-2020 NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING - Office of Outdoor Advertising - Proposed Construction of Electronic Billboards

Please be advised that on Thursday, June 11, 2020, the Office of Outdoor Advertising will hold a public meeting at 11 AM in Conference Room/s 5 & 6 on the second floor of the Transportation Building at 10 Park Plaza, Boston MA.

Please note that this hearing may be conducted as a virtual online event, more information about this will be sent if this changes.

The agenda includes application by Carroll Advertising, LLC for two permits for the construction of an electronic billboard at the following location(s):

a.         3 Lopes Drive
Application 2020D007 (new structure, facing north)

b.         3 Lopes Drive
Application 2020D008 (new structure, facing south)

Public comment regarding the proposed billboard(s) and/or display(s) may be presented at the meeting or in writing prior to the meeting to:

The Office of Outdoor Advertising,
Attention John R. Romano, Director
Ten Park Plaza, Room 6141
Boston, MA 02116

Thank you for attention to this matter.