Rules & Regulations

1. Cemetery lots are for norton residents only who have resided in town at least (2) years.  Each household is eligible for a maximum of four (4) graves. A request in excess of four (4) graves must be approved by the cemetery commissioners. Lots sizes are 3 1/2 feet by 11 feet. 

2. Perpetual care is required on all lots and is payable at time of receiving said lot.

3. Corner post-- 4 per set -- are required on all lots.

4. All interments must have a vault with a one (1) piece cover.  All vault and covers must fit size of casket.   No exceptions.

5. The cemetery department shall not be liable for any orders given by telephone as to the location of interment in a said lot.  All such orders must be in writing.

6.When the location of an interment space cannot be found, when a requested space cannot be used, or when instructions regarding a requested space are so indefinite that they cannot be followed, the highway superintendent may, in his sole discretion, open a space as nearly similar in location to that which has been requested.  The  purpose of this exercise of the surerintendent's discretion is to prevent a delay in any funeral.

7.All interments, disinterments or removals shall not be permitted on sundays or holidays, without first consenting with superintendent.  Arrangements for saturday burials should be received no later than thursday evening at 4:30 pm.

8.The term "perpetual care" means the general maintenance of cemetery lots, such as reasonable cutting of the grass, raking and cleaning of lots and general perservation of lots and grounds.

9.The term "perpetual care" does not mean the maintenance of, repair or replacement of any grave stone, marker or memorial place on lots, nor dies it mean the planting of flowers or plants or any unusal work in the cemetery.

10.All money received for perpetual care shall be held in trust and invested as provided by law.

11.The highway superintendent shall have the right to enforce all rules and regulations.

12.All work done in any of the town owned cemeteries shall be under the direction of, and subject to the consent, satisfaction and approval of the highway superintendent.
No curbing, fencing, hanging or enclosures of any kind shall be allowed around any lot, the highway superintendent has the right to remove such enclosures should they be erected, planted, or placed.
Only one (1) above ground grave stone may be placed on a lot.  Flat markers or foot markers may be used to mark individucal graves.  All foundations for stones, markers,or memorials shall be installed by the cemetery department.  The cemetery department assumes responsibility for proper construction of said foundation and shall have three (3) inch border to eliminate clipping

15. Requested location of a monument is to be by owner of lot only.

16. The cemetery department disclaims all responisbility for loss or damages caused by acts of god, vandals or theives.

17.All damage within any town cemetery shall be repaid for at the expense of the person or persons responsible.

18.The cemetery department reserves the right to make an exception, suspend or modify, without notice, any of these rules and regulations when in its judgement it appears advisable.  Such exceptions, suspension or modifications shall in no way affect the general meaning of such rule or regulation and shall apply on a case to case basis only.

19.The cemetery department reserves the right to adopt new rules and regulations or to change a rule or regulation at any time they feel it is necessary.

Amended 2/6/90

20.There shall be no planting of trees allowed in cemetery lots.  Planting of shrubs shall be pre-approved, before planting, by highway superintendent.

21.The cemetery department reserves the right to trim or remove any tree, shrub, or object presently in place for access to other lots
22.For a single grave burial, the maximum size for cemetery monuments shall be 2 feet 6 inches in length.  

Adopted july 14, 1992.