Amended february 1990 prices

Per grave (max. 4 graves) $400.00
Perpetual care $200.00 per grave or Burial space
Opening of grave (mon-fri) $300.00 ($200 extra sat, sun or holidays)
Dig on a weekend or holiday  $400.00
Stillborn & charub burials $125.00
Cremation burials   $125.00
Removal and burial within same lot and cemetery $400.00 per hour
Removal to transport   $200.00 per hour
Opening of grave for legal investigation $200.00 per hour
Frost fee - (december - april) $100.00
Cement bases for foundation of stones, etc.$ 48.00 - per surface foot
Flat markers   $100.00
Flat bronze markers $100.00
Installation of required corner posts $100.00

Funeral directions or their agent are required to remain at the burial site untilthe  vault cover is set in place