Plot Plans

Is a plot plan required?
If the work involves a new structure or an addition to an existing structure, a plot plan is required.

Can I use my mortgage plan given to me by the bank when I purchased my home as my plot plan?
The purpose of a plot plan is for determination of compliance with dimensional controls of the Zoning by-law.  A mortgage plan is only a rough approximation of where the house is located, and was prepared only for mortgage purposes.  Due to the inaccuracy of these plans, they can only be used if the project is far in excess of the required setbacks.  If the plan shows that your project will be close to the required setbacks, a more accurate plan will be required.

Can I prepare my own plot plan, if I am certain where my property line is?
No. Plot plans can only be prepared by a Registered Land Surveyor, and must bear his/her stamp.

If I don’t have a plot plan, where can I get one?
Mortgage plans can sometimes be obtained from the bank.  Also, Inspections Department has plans on file for many properties in town.  If available, these may be acceptable.  Otherwise, you must contact a Registered Land Surveyor to prepare a plan for you.

How does the Inspections Department know if the structure was placed in the location proposed?
For all new houses and for additions which are close to the required setbacks, a certified “as-built” plot  plan must be submitted to Inspections Department after completion of the foundation.  Framing can not proceed until the plot plan has been submitted.