Can I do the construction myself or do I have to be licensed?
Section 109.1.1 of the Mass State Building Code states that no structural work shall be done without a construction supervisor’s license.  A homeowner can do work on his/her own home without a license provided that if the homeowner engages a person for hire to do such work that the homeowner shall act a supervisor.

What is a “homeowner”?
For the purpose of determining when a license is required, a homeowner is defined as a “person(s) who owns a parcel of land on which he/she resides or intends to reside, on which there is, or is intended to be a dwelling of six or less units, attached or detached structures accessory to such use and/or farm structures.  A person who constructs more than one home in a two-year period shall not be considered a homeowner”.  The “homeowner” assumes responsibility for compliance with the State Building Code and the Town of Norton rules and regulations, inspection procedures and that he/she will comply with said requirements.

Can I do my own electrical and plumbing/gas work?
No.  State law requires anyone performing electrical, plumbing or gas work to be licensed.