Cyclical Property Data Inspection Program

Cyclical Data Inspection Program

The Norton Board of Assessors' Office is required by the Department of Revenue Bureau of Local Assessment to conduct a data inspection program for all properties at least once every ten years.

Representatives from PK Valuation Group hired by the Town of Norton will perform the Townwide property inspections program. This program will begin in May of 2018.

The Data Collectors will ask to do a full interior and exterior inspection in order to verify the accuracy of assessing records.  They will be measuring all dwellings and taking front and rear photos of all properties.  If you are not available they will leave a door hanger asking you to contact them for an appointment. 

 The Data Collectors have identification badges and will also have a Letter of Introduction. A description of their vehicles and registrations will be on file with the Norton Police Department and the Assessor’s Office.  The Assessor’s Office suggests that property owners request identification before granting anyone permission to enter their home.

 In no case will the Data Collector enter a home uninvited and without being accompanied by an adult.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Assessor’s Office at 508-285-0270.