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Absentee Voter
Absentee Voting
Voters who are unable to vote on Election Day because of physical disability, religious beliefs or absence from the town may vote by absentee ballot.  If you will be absent from Norton for an extended period of time, you may submit a single application for all elections occurring within the year that the application is accepted.

Applications for Absentee Ballots may be obtained from the Town Clerks Office or the Office of the Secretary of State.  See above to download an application.  Applications may be submitted in person or by mail.  The voter, on the application, may request to have a ballot mailed to them or to vote in the Office of the Town Clerk, once the ballots are available.  

A family member may submit an application for a voter.  A different application form is required, see above to download a copy of the Absentee Ballot Application for a Family member.  The family member must sign the applications under the pains and penalties of perjury that they are a family member and that the voter is requesting an absentee ballot.    Ballots can NOT be given to the family member to take from the Town Clerks office.  They must be mailed to the voter when an application by a family member is received.    

In a primary elections, a voter who is not registered in a political party must specify the ballot of the party of choice in the application.  You will not become registered in a party because of your participation in a state primary. Voters who are registered in a particular party MUST take that party ballot after the deadline to change a party or register to vote.  

Applications for absentee ballots must be received by the Town Clerk before noon on the day before an election.  A voter who is admitted to a health care facility after noon of the fifth day prior to an election may apply for a ballot up until the close of the polls and may request to have the ballot hand delivered. Absentee ballots are generally available two - three weeks before an election.

Return of Absentee Ballots
Mailed Absentee Ballots include a return envelope.  A completed ballot, in the ballot envelope and the Outer Mail In envelope can be mailed or hand delivered to the Town Clerks Office.  Ballots can NOT be returned to the polling location on election day.  They must be returned to the Town Clerks office who will deliver them to the polls on election day.  All Absentee Ballots must be received before the close of Polls on election day to be counted.  

You can track your absentee ballot request to see if the Town Clerks Office has received and procesed your application.  You are able to see when a ballot was sent to you and how as well as when the returned ballot has been received in the Office of the Town Clerk.   

Voters Living Outside of the U.S.
Members of the Uniformed Services or U.S. citizens residing outside the U.S. may request an Absentee Ballot be emailed, faxed or expressed mailed to them.  See above to download this application.  For those submitting their ballot electronically (either fax or e-mail), it must be returned to the Town Clerks Office by the Close of Polls on election day.  For Federal & State General Elections, those submitting their ballot by mail, it must be postmarked by election day and received at the Town Clerks office by 5:00 p.m. EST, 10 days after the election.   

Permanently Disabled Voter
A voter who is permanently disabled need not submit a request for an Absentee Ballot every election.  If such a voter submits a note from a registered physician indicating that he is disabled permanently, the Town Clerk will automatically send an application for an absentee ballot each year for all elections during the year.  

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